Next Meeting, Tuesday March 6th

The next faculty technology discussion will focus on the challenges associated with producing academic content (i.e. documents) without needless reliance on printing (aka budgets spent on printers, paper, toner)

Details: Tuesday, 3 pm, Winebrenner 108A

Topic: All I really want to do is stop using so much paper!

Our discussion will touch on a little bit of tech-terminology: document portability, cloud computing, file synchronization, and online-file sharing.

But the fun part will be looking at mobile apps:
-Creating documents or taking notes [EverNote, SpringPad, Notability, Skitch]
-Storing and accessing files [DropBox, SkyDrive, SugarSync, Amazon CloudDrive]

Come join in the discussion – share your mobile document experiences with your colleagues. Tell us about a new app you have tried or learn something new that will help you access your files across your devices (and squelch that urge to hold on to a paper copy!) It may be too big a topic for just one day, but let’s get started on the conversation!



  1. Joe Robinson

    I have a chat session scheduled for that time, but thought I would share an interesting video clip:


    J. Robinson

  2. Guillermo Birkhead

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